Son of Man

Son of Man

Son of Man by Rene' Magritte 


Look carefully at the painting (left) Son of Man by Rene' Magritte. Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Turn in your assignment on Wednesday. Have fun!


What colors do you see in Son of Man? List the specific colors that you see.

What objects do you see? List the objects that you see.

What is going on in this work of art? Mention whatever you see happening, no matter how small.

Does anything you have noticed in this work of art so far (colors, objects, or events) remind you of something in your own life?

Is this work of art true-to-life? How real has the artist made things look?

What ideas and emotions do you think this work of art expresses?

Do you have a sense of how the artist might have felt when he or she made this work of art? Does it make you feel one way or another?

*Adapted from Incredible @rt Department's Art Criticism for Elementary

Show your parents/guardians Magritte's Son of Man. Ask them to critique this work of art. Then, have a table discussion and together describe, analyze, interpret, and judge this piece. Be prepared to share your critiques in class through a Socratic Seminar debating Son of Man.