Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

8:00-8:50 Reading. phonics, spelling

8:50-9:40 Resource 

9:40-10:30 Math

10:30-10:50 Phonics

10:56-11:26 Lunch

11:26-11:46 Recess

11:46- 12:40 Literature, Reading, Phonics

12:40-1:20 Science

1:20-1:40 Recess

1:40-2:10 Smart block/snack 

2:10-2:50 History 



8:00-8:35 Reading, Phonics, Spelling

8:35-9:05 Resource 

9:05-9:40 Math

9:40-10:00 Phonics

10:00-10:20 Recess

10:20-10:50 Lunch

10:50-11:25 Literature, Reading, Phonics 

11:25- 11:50 Science

11:50-12:20 Smart block/snack

12:20-12:50 History 



Monday: C. Art D. Spanish

Tuesday: C. PE D. Art

Wednesday: Week 1- C. Art D. Spanish Week 2- C. PE D. Art Week 3- C. Music D. PE Week 4- C. Spanish D. Music 

Thursday: C. Music D. PE

Friday: C. Spanish D. Music 

Students can wear any color/type of sneakers ALL DAY on PE DAYS ONLY! Please do not send shoes to change. 

Students need to wear blue shirt on PE days, white gets dirty easier!