Assignments:1)             Bellringer:  TLW “SUPER WRITERS”
pg. 53 #1-8 written on board. Check.
2)             Math:  TLW take notes on meaning of exponents, Scientific notation, and Standard Form. After going over words explain and give examples. Write scientific notation practice worksheet on board. TLW do # 1-10. Check. 3)             Science/Health: TLW Science-learn poem of Newton’s Law of Motions written on board,  and General Science Pretest Quicktest 1(Turn In) Health-  TLW Lesson 15(Alcohol: America’s Number One Drug Problem)  Students will answer review questions Pg. 101#1-4. Must take notes.4)             History: TLW Do pretest on United States History And Geography Quicktest 1(Turn In) 5)             Music/Band:  TLW Warm-up. After Warm-up Assignment on Pgs.10-12. Learn about Rounds.6)             Language/ Spelling:  TLW Language-learn about Pronouns. Lesson 16 worksheets, PAL Packets: Sentence Combining. Spelling-Pretest on Spelling Words Unit 8 in Textbook. Must take notes.7)             Reading:  Class will finish Brothers in Arms.8)    Gym: Class will continue The Grind routine