Class Dojo (Message Me and View Child's Behavior)

To contact me or check your child's daily behavior login at:

     Our team uses Class Dojo daily to communicate with parents as well as encourage positive behavior such as working hard and being respectful. It’s the easiest way to see how your child is behaving while he/she is in my class. You can use it on any device: it is a simple, free mobile app for iOS and Android and it can be used from a computer at: I will need your cell number and email to invite you to Class Dojo. On your child’s first day of school, a parent information form will come home with your child. Please complete it and return it to us as soon as possible.


  • Each day, students receive 3 points on Class Dojo for following Belleview Expectations.
  • When consequences are necessary, points are deducted on Class Dojo, which reflects the behavior that needs to be improved.
  • Parents can log onto Class Dojo at any time to contact me or view behavior.


To enhance the learning environment, our school has established the "Belleview Basics" that all students are expected to follow.  As a class we will discuss the reasons for each of the expectations as well as many examples of each.   All students have the right to be able to contribute and work in an environment of trust and academic integrity as well as be respected as an individual and to perform and express viewpoints which is not disruptive to the classroom environment.  Therefore,  students who struggle with following the Belleview Basics will be held accountable for their actions and receive appropriate consequences.  

                                       Keys for a Successful Year

                        Be respectful              Be responsible              Be safe              Be an active learner