Secondary 1 Honors

Unit 3 Test: November 14. Covers: Writing linear and exponential functions, combining functions, composition of functions, function transformations, distinguishing functions, and properties of Equaltity.

Home Work Calendar: Homework will be assignment almost every day. On the calendar the homework is recorded on the day it was given. Homework is always due the next class period unless specified.

Future assignments are not set in stone and may change.

Date Topic Assignment # Worksheet/Problems
8/22 Rules    
8/23 Standards for Mathematical Practice    
8/25 Problem Solving Tables    
8/29 Introduction to Functions 1 Introduction to Functions
8/31 Graph Systems of Equations and Inequalities 2 Graph Systems of Equations and Inequalities
8/31   Extra Credit Ohio Jones Pyramid- Due by Midterm (Sept 16)
9/2 Solve Systems Graphically and with Tables 3 Solve Systems Graphically and with Tables
9/7 Writing Systems from Context 4 Writing Systems from Story Problems
9/9 Functions and Sequences 5 Sequences
9/13 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences 6 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
9/15 Review 7

Create 20 Multiple choice questions from the topics listed below:

  • Functions and Function Notation
  • Domain and Range
  • Graphing systems of equations and inequalities
  • Solving systems graphically and with tables
  • Write a system from a story problem
  • Functions and Sequences
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
9/19 Unit 1 Test   Progress Report Signed
9/21 Features of Functions 8 Features of Functions
9/26 Rate of Change 9 Rate of Change
9/28 Graphing from a Function 10 Graphing given the Function
9/30 Comparing Functions 11 Comparing Functions
10/4 Functions, Graphs and Context 12 Connecting it all
10/6 Review 13

Create a game of Squares. Include Characters and 9 review questions. Write the questions on the front and the answers on the back.

10/10 Unit 2 Test   Progress Report Signed
10/12 Race Track Math   Create a portfolio page describing why Boondocks should choose your race track
10/14 Writing about Math   Write a paper about how you thought through the story problem. What were your initial thoughts? What did you try? What worked?  What strategies did you use?
10/18 Writing equations from Story Problems 14 Writing Linear Systems and Exponential Functions from a Context
10/24 Combining Functions 15 Combining Functions
10/26 Composition of Functions 16 Composition of Functions
10/31 Function Transformations 17 Function Transformations
11/2 Math Doodles and Games    
11/4 Distinguish and Construct Functions 18 Distinguish and Construct Functions
11/8 Properties of Equality 19 Properties of Equality
11/10 Review 20 Review Assignment
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