Policies and Contact Info




·         Name and Period on the top

·         Show work and circle answer

·         Can redo missed problems on the back for a higher grade after returned


Late Work

·         Due before the Midterm/Term for half credit

·         Can use 3 Oops Passes for full credit

·         Must be turned into Late Folder


Absent Work

·         Given 1 extra day for each missed day.

·         Must be turned into Absent Folder


Extra Credit

·         Oops Passes-Only if no missing assignments 

·         Extra credit opportunities throughout the term

·         Do NOT count on extra credit at the end of the term


Warm Ups/Quizzes

·         Start when the bell rings. If tardy, no credit will be given



·         Given at the end of each chapter

·         Retakes available. Scores will be averaged. Must be done before next test.