Traditional school of thoughts heavily favours the verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. Gardner (1993) in his Multiple Intelligence Theory focuses Art as a learning tool that not only embraces intelligence but also gives a sight and links to all other intelligences. Arts are now viewed by many academic researchers as a trans-disciplinary field that links to all major academic based subjects.  Often we hear that job market these days look for people who can think out of box, good problem solving skills or a person with multiple talents. How could we create them? Would Arts be the answer?


As a teacher who has been nurtured in old school of thoughts, I’ve always thought art is not my cup of tea. Thanks to my EDAR 504 classes, I’ve gained new insights on learning and teaching Arts. I’ve engaged in Arts lesson in the safest environment of learning where there were no threats of going wrong. Arts lessons have given me the ultimate comfort of risk taking. As a future art teacher to be, I would want to assure that my students feel the same way when they engage themselves in Art classes. I have chosen Andy Goldsworthy as my i-artist assignment subject.