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Questions & Answers About ELA 

Q: What is ELA?

A: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Handwriting, Listening, and Communication.


Q: How can my child study for ELA?

A: Students should study any/all materials in his/her ELA Folder. Some weeks they will take home reading textbooks if you use one of the stories. ELA question packets will come home when we read a novel/chapter book. Students should complete the skills packet page/s each night, and pay attention in class. Practice sheets will be reviewed daily and graded on Friday.


Q: How will my child be graded for Reading?

A: Tests are given when we have read, discussed, worked on and mastered a skill in ELA. Reading tests will include vocabulary questions, comprehension questions about a text, and a student response. When we read novels and chapter books, quizzes and tests will fall throughout the week. Please check your child’s agenda and/or my class webpage for updates on upcoming tests and dates. Reading assignments (including tests) count as 60% of a students’ total ELA grade.


Q: How will my child be graded for Language Arts?

A: Students will complete journal topics in their notebook throughout the week. A journal grade will be given at the end of a grading period for the number of journal entries he/she completed. Grades will also be given for handwriting as cursive handwriting is now a part of the ELA curriculum. Students will begin writing essays and reading responses and those will be graded using a rubric (showing possible points). Spelling & Grammar skills will also be taught throughout the year and are included in the Language Arts grade. Language Arts assignments (including tests) count as 40% of a students’ total ELA grade.


Q:  Will my student have to read books and write book reports?

A: Students will be encouraged to read books of their choice and participate in the Accelerated Reader program for points & prizes as a classroom incentive.. Each student is also required to read one book per nine weeks and complete a book report for a grade (using a rubric) A book report schedule is attached.



(Any turned in after this date will have 10 pts. deducted for being late!)

Friday, September 28 yes 

Thursday, October 31 yes  

 Thursday, December 5 

Friday, January 31 

Friday, February 28 

Thursday, March 26 

Thursday, April 30 - FINAL BOOK REPORT (more information to come)

**A paper with dates and a template for Fiction/Non-fiction reports went home the first week of school.** 

** Please refer to this when writing or helping your child write his/her report! **



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