Students are expected to ask questions in class before taking an assignment home.  However, sometimes a student may get overwhelmed at home or get stuck on a question.   

When a student receives HELP, the helper should never just give an answer or give direct steps.  Students learn MORE when they have to research the material, look at notes, watch a video again, answer questions about what they are doing, etc.  This way of helping will stick in the student's head much longer and make a lasting memory of how to complete the math computation.  

Here are some examples of questions you can ask of your child (same as I do in class when working with students): 

* Where in your notes is this concept?  Do you see a problem similar to the one you are working on?

* What does your notes tell you to do? Did you do that?

*Now what do you do? (guide back to notes, examples, etc. as needed)

* What does it mean if _________, how can you use that to help yourself?

Students are expected to always have their journal with them, both in school and at home, to refer to notes in order to help guide themselves through the material when I am not available to them.

There are also several other options for help when at home working; 

"Ask Rose"!   This program is FREE, and offered to students who are stuck with material and need help.  


          * Opens August 9

          * Hours:  (Aug - May).  7pm - 10pm (ET), Sunday - Thursday

          * Holidays (Closed): Nov. 22-28, Dec. 20-Jan 2, May 27 (through Summer)

          * Chat with a Tutor

          * Call & speak with a Tutor directly:  877-ASK-ROSE

          * Email a Tutor for help: Submit email at any time, emails returned during office hours.

             * Items Needed before contacting "Ask Rose" :  Assignment, pencil, calculator, book, journal, etc.