The Aftermath (Post-1945)



 The Aftermath

While it took several years to completely defeat the Nazi regime,the allied forces liberated all concentration camps by the end of 1945. The allied forces sought justice for anyone who participated in the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler.  Trials began immediately. In total, 925 individuals were tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity which were commited during the Holocaust.
Surviving the Holocaust
The camps are liberated, the Nazi Regime is disassembled, and those who commited the violent acts of the Holocaust have been persecuted.  Yet despite all of these advances many vicitims of the Holocaust are lost.  If they have been fortunate enough to survive the murderous hands of the Nazi's, most of those liberated from the concentration camps are left without only family.  There are both adults and children returning to freedom, but with no where to go and no guidance or comfort to seek.