Introduction/Philosophy of Education


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     Below, you will find my Philosophy of Education. It really hasn't changed a whole lot in the more than 20 years that I have been a teacher. I have always believed in teaching children respect and responsibility for themselves, others and our world. In addition, I believe that simplest is usually the best and a great way to live!

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Heather R. Gray

                                                  PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION


By Heather R. Gray


     My philosophy of education is a simple one.  Children are our brightest assets, and education is the greatest gift that we can offer children.  I believe education can shape children so that they can open their eyes to the many possibilities of our world.
     As an educator, it important that I aim for several goals with students.  Since every human, old and young alike, is different, I choose to individualize and differentiate instruction.  By doing this, students with specific interests and needs are given opportunities to explore their own passions.  In this way, children see that learning is enjoyable and a lifelong skill. 
     I also believe that instruction should be rigorous and clearly focused. By using sequences, such as E. D. Hirsch’s Core Knowledge which provides a natural flow of crucial knowledge. This wonderful program instructs me as a teacher what needs to be taught at a grade level to ensure proficiency, but allows me to use my creativity to design curriculum and teach it effectively. It ensures that every child will be taught what is crucial for their knowledge in language arts, math, science, and social studies. 
     Additionally, children are very special to me. I have been blessed to be a mother and work with children. Working with children, not only energizes me, but it a call that I take very seriously. I love being a teacher and helping others! It is my wish to help children learn the appropriate skills to manage themselves in their environment------whether that be home, school, or in the future……. work. To me educating children how to behave and act in different environments is crucial to their social development. 
     In addition, I want children to thrive in my classroom. Through nurturing and mutual respect children learn that each of them is special and important! They learn to appreciate others for their diversity too since that is valued and modeled constantly in the classroom. This builds the moral fiber of effective classroom management. Respect and fairness are the building blocks of effective discipline.
     These beliefs are the backbone of my philosophy of education.  I have formed my viewpoints from reading, education, but mostly from experience.  They are simple, yet often the most simple of tasks becomes belabored.  In our complex world the best things are still the simplest.  Love, respect and responsibility are the best principles to live by and to learn by.