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Wednesday, August 24th

First Day of School-Welcome to 6th Grade!


1. Students are to finish a packet of grammar worksheets if not finished in class. Due on Thursday, August 25th. Late work will not be accepted.

2. Students recieved a long-term homework assignment, called "My Timeline." Students are to create a timeline of the major events in their lives. Project will be completed on 12 x 18 paper (given in class) and is to include dates, pictures, and descriptions. See handout. Students also saw an example in class. Due  Monday, August 29th. This assignment will be accepted one day late for half credit.

3. Students recieved a number of handouts from the office. Please sign and return by Friday, August 26th. Students will get a prize for returning on time.

Other Information and Announcments:

* Students recieved a list of supplies that would be helpful for them to have this year. This list is optional. Our budgets have been reduced this year and it would be helpful for students to be responsible for some of their own supplies, such as a binder, homework folder, notebook paper, pens, pencils, erasers, ruler, colored pencils, markers, gluestick, and crayons.

*Students received a letter of introduction outlining my homework policy, grading scales, and discipline expectations. More information will be given at Back to School Night.  

Thursday, August 25th


1. Students started an assignment in Social Studies on world geography. Please finish the packet and be prepared to turn in tomorrow, August 26th.

2. Long-Term project- Student Timelines-Due Monday, August 29th.

3. Student handouts from office due tomorrow- free/reduced lunch forms, student handbook, etc.

Friday, August 26th


1. Long-Term project- Student Timelines-Due Monday, August 29th.

Other Information and Announcements:

*The homework and information for next week will be posted by next Monday, August 26th.