Element 1


I have successfully created and implemented units of work and lessons that meet the corresponding syllabus requirements. The basis of planning effective lessons relies heavily on my knowledge of appropriate pedagogical practices and a comprehensive understanding of the relevant subject content. Similarly, to create cohesive learning sequences within a unit of work, it is necessary to have an understanding of the key concepts of the subject content. This is particularly vital in sequencing lessons appropriately and providing the necessary scaffolding for students, particularly to address common student misconceptions associated with particular Key Learning Areas, such as Mathematics and Science. I have also utilised interactive resources, such as the Poacher Peril game to consolidate and extend students’ knowledge of endangered animals in an engaging and different manner. I have also planned and implemented a lesson where students accessed an appropriate website to facilitate and develop their understanding of various musical instruments. This enabled students to listen to sound clips and musical excerpts that they otherwise would not have been able to access. This also demonstrates my ability to select engaging resources to scaffold and enhance students' learning.


I will continue to enrich my knowledge of subject content and effective pedagogical practices to best create a learning environment which will engage students and ultimately facilitate a deep understanding of the lesson and subject content. I will familiarise myself with the syllabus documents, particularly the science and technology and mathematics syllabus. Within the area of Mathematics, I would like to expand my knowledge of pedagogy and appropriate language to ensure that students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. I will also continue to experiment with implementing ICT in the classroom, particularly to enhance learning for students. I will endeavour to utilise more technology based resources such as Smartboards and interactive resources.


I need to find more opportunities to teach lessons in the Key Learning Areas of Science and Technology. I also need to have more practice in teaching Creative Arts and Mathematics. I also need to familiarise myself with the correct Mathematical language to better explain concepts when required. I would like to have more experience teaching with technology as a learning tool and to be able to implement effective lessons using technology.


I believe that having appropriate knowledge of subject content and an awareness of various pedagogical practices is one of the most important facets of teaching, which teachers need to constantly update to ensure that students will have the best possible learning opportunities. It is important for teachers to be confident in their understanding of the appropriate lesson content to best scaffold learning sequences appropriately. However, I also believe that teachers should not necessarily present themselves as the ultimate knowledge source within the classroom. It is vital for students to realise that the learning process is continuous and that ultimately they are responsible for their own learning. Students need to know that mistakes are acceptable and that taking risks is an important path in learning. I also believe that ICT should be incorporated into the classroom, as society is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, thus students should have access to technology in the classroom and develop skills to use the technology. However, care must be taken to ensure that technology is implemented in an effective and meaningful way. This involves careful selection of interactive resources and using technology at the appropriate times to support learning.