Three-level guide

Three Level Guide 

Kids who care by Kerry Coleman

Read the statements below. Decide if you think they are true or false. Draw a circle around your decision. For example:       True           False. Once you have finished, combine with another pair and discuss your answers.

Level 1

  1. The Green Team at Middle Harbour Public School look after worm farms, compost bins and a threatened species garden.           True                    False
  2. The school canteen is also green and all food is served in reusable cups and containers.               True              False
  3. The smart meter makes sure that water use is kept at high levels.      True          False
  4. Students are encouraged to take their waste home with them.       True              False 
  5. The three R’s stand for rapping, rabbits and recycling.      True            False
 Level 2
  1. Middle Harbour Public School’s Green Team is successful because everyone works together.   True             False
  2. You have to be part of the Green Team to help the environment.      True          False
  3. Middle Harbour Public School believes that all schools should follow their example by looking after the environment.    True          False
 Level 3
  1. Learning can happen outside of the classroom.       True           False
  2. Things that are learnt at school should also be used in real life situations.    True         False
  3. Rewards should be given to people who help save the environment.      True            False