reflection on a lesson

This is a reflection on a mathematics lesson that I taught which explored equivalent fractions. This demonstrates my ability to reflect on my own teaching practice and acknowledge changes that need to be made to improve my teaching practice and meet the various learning needs of the students in the classroom in following lessons.

Overall the lesson went well, with students engaged with the provided materials and learning activities. The use of the strips of paper as an introductory activity assisted students in understanding the equivalence between thirds, sixths and twelfths. However, they should have been integrated further in the lesson, particularly in supporting students who were having more difficulty grasping the concepts when completing the workbook activities.


The extension activity provided was appropriate, as many of the students were able to finish the set activities quickly. Due to this factor, activities were changed so that students could apply their understanding to more difficult equivalent fraction problems in a quiz style format. Students enjoyed this and were rather competitive.


I need to become more comfortable with my explanation of mathematical concepts, particularly when using the correct terminology. I may need to write down key words that I wish to emphasise and discuss as a prompt to discuss mathematical concepts in a more concise and effective manner.