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I am John, a grateful recovering compulsive eater.  I do not have a corner on knowledge or truth but G-d has given me the desire to seek and learn and the knowledge and willingness to share what I have learned to help others.  I believe that we should not have to re-invent the wheel to make the next right step but be able to build on the experience, strength and hope of others.  I have done that in my recovery and it is in the spirit of sharing my experience, strength and hope that I am building and offering this website.  It will help me to remember to use all the resources that I have found and use them to enhance my recovery.  My prayer is that the resources on this website will also give help to you for the common problems which we share.

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                   WHY THIS WEBSITE?                 Helps4CompulsiveEaters is designed for me as much as it is for others who have problems with food. It is not designed to promote a particular "Help or Solution" for Compulsive Eating (CE), but my purpose is to share resources which help all of us identify our problems and strengthen our ability to cope and resolve those problems through a food plan and abstinence. Please be aware of the fact that this is a free website and to keep it free the host "educatorpages" puts advertising on it. This website offers helps I have found which ease my suffering, and it is my hope that you will find something here that helps you as well. 

There is a listing of 12 step programs, related information, tools, and other helpful strategies found in those programs and as well as other food related programs, applications and resources. Weblinks to related and supportive websites are included so that the reader can read primary information (not my opinions) which could then become a part of their "solution". I am not here to judge but to offer resources I have found which I have benefited from.

So, "Helps4CompulsiveEaters" is designed for all of us who are seeking help in finding a solution or who are working the solution we have found so that our struggles and problems with food will no longer define us but our abstinence can make it not only possible, but probable, that we can live a life which is happy, joyous and free. 

Welcome then friends, and make yourself at home. Bookmark the website so that you can come back often. You can find my contact information and more about me on the "My Contact Information" page. I welcome your comments, anything you would want to share as well as any questions that are troubling you. The more effort you put into this website, the more benefits you will be able to get from it.


⇒Basic Definitions  


Internet Acronyms & Emoticons

Binge Eating Disorder - Binge eating disorder (BED) is a severe, life-threatening, and treatable eating disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of eating large quantities of food (often very quickly and to the point of discomfort); a feeling of a loss of control during the binge; experiencing shame, distress or guilt afterwards; and not regularly using unhealthy compensatory measures (e.g., purging) to counter the binge eating. It is the most common eating disorder in the United States. Source:                                                                                                                                               Other Sources:

Compulsive Overeating - Another more common name for Binge Eating B.E.D., also known as Compulsive Eating.    Source:

Abstinence - Webster's Dictionary defines abstinence as the practice of abstaining from something : the practice of not doing or having something that is wanted or enjoyable; Our recovery from Compulsive eating requires us to abstain (desist or refrain) from eating sugar, flour, quantities and negative thinking.   Bill W. wrote "The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence."  Source: Big Book of AA, The Doctor's Opinion

Other Websites give most of the basic recovery definitions:  (smart recovery dictionary)

A Sampling of Tools and Terms

Eating Disorders: Causes, Symptoms, Signs & Treatment Help   Source:

"People suffering with Compulsive Overeating have what is characterized as an "addiction" to food, using food and eating as a way to hide from their emotions, to fill a void they feel inside, and to cope with daily stresses and problems in their lives."                                                                                                  Source:

Inspirational quotes for eating disorders recovery

List of 12 Step Programs                                                

⇒ Alternatives to AA and Other 12-Step Programs 

Addiction Group is an informational web guide created for people struggling with substance use disorders (SUD), alcohol use disorders (AUD), and co-occurring mental health disorders.


⇒Eating Addictions

Links for Compulsive Eaters —

Food Addicts Anonymous —
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous

OA Directory 

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous

Compulsive Eaters Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Recovery From Food Addiction —

GreySheeters Anonymous —

⇒Food Plans

A Food Plan as a Spiritual Tool   (Kay Sheppard food plan)  and  (Page food plan)

 ⇒Tools and Applications to Help You Search 4 Knowledge

This is a basic version of the text of Alcoholics Anonymous. It includes the first 164 pages, the original foreword, The Dr.'s Opinion and Dr. Bob's Story.  The text is fully searchable and found text is highlighted.


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