Australia Unit






Overview: Australian Mini-Unit 

This five-day unit was designed a class of fifth graders, but it can certainly be altered for other grade levels. Our class will enjoy learning briefly about Australia. This unit is based on social studies, however we will be extending it to all other subjects using technology. This unit was designed to help students learn about Australia and research the differences in Australia as compared to the United States. Australia is one of the seven continents, and after this unit the class will know about the seven continents and various characteristics about them by research. Please feel free to look over our unit and see exactly what we will be learning about Australia!

Day 1- KWL/ Introduction to Australia


Students will answer quiz on the Internet about Australia.

Students will learn to make predictions, to form questions, and to research answers when they use the K-W-L reading strategy.  

Students will select an Australian animal from their textbook to do further research on throughout the week.


Day 2- Learning about an Australian Animal


After selecting an Australian animal, students will be able to identify their animal, state its name and know its habitat.

Students will be able to discuss what they learned by presenting what they have learned to the class through a power point presentation.


Day 3- Geography


Students will be able to identify the location of Australia on a globe.

Students will be able to compare Australia with other areas of the world.

Students will have more knowledge about characteristics of Australia.


Day 4-  Virtual Tour in Australia


Students will gain more knowledge about Australia by watching the video online about Australia.

Students will be able to compare other regions of Australia with other teams in the class.

Students will create a magazine advertisement will be used to inform others of some of the history and geography of Australia.


Day 5- Counting Coins


Students demonstrate abilities to correctly calculate conversions of Australian dollars to U.S. dollars, using current exchange rates.