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Dates to remember!


Starting on Monday, August 23 all of my weekly information will be on my BlackBoard page under Announcements.  Click on the link below and sign in with your child's N# and Pin# then click on the BlackBoard icon.  It will take you to lots of classes the kids had last year.  You want the one that says                   


Second Grade-P14 (1) Hershberger SIS 21-22


Below is the link to MySCS


Also, Our Open House will be on September 9.  They want me to do a video but I would rather do a zoom meeting so I can should those of you who do not know how to operate BlackBoard  and my weekly information to keep you informed.  I would like to have it at 5:00 if that works for everyone.  Let me know it I have to have it later if so I'll have to try to work on a powerpoint to show you how and what we work on.




Our Special's schedule 


B= Tech


D= Music

E= French




All online student books are on this website.  Put in your child's N# and Pin#  for their books.



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Mrs. Hershberger, MA, BA, Gifted and ESOL

Second Grade Teacher

Pine View School

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