Problem of the Week

Here is the problem of the week for our Southeast 2 Family of Schools:

Super Triangles

For this activity you will need six small pieces of paper numbered from 1 to 6.
Put your numbers in the shape of a triangle like this:

Note: the three sides of this triangle add up to 7, 10 and 15. This is not a ‘Super Triangle’. In a ‘Super Triangle’ each side adds up to the same thing.  Work with your triangles until you find the four ‘Super Triangles’ below. Do them in order and record your results:

#1 - Each side adds up to 9.

#2 - Each side adds up to 10.

#3 - Each side adds up to 11.

#4 - Each side adds up to 12.

Once you have figured out a solution, bring it to class!