Choosing Books

Too Easy Books

These are the books that you can read fluently and also have a very good understanding of the text.  You can read almost every word in the book.  You can read these books to yourself or to your parents.

Too Hard Books

These are the books that you will have trouble reading fluently.  Your reading will sound choppy and there are lots of words you don't know.  You will also be confused and don't understand what you are reading.  You should get your parents to read this type of book to you.

Just Right Books

These are the books that have a few words on each page that you don't know.  Your reading will sometimes be choppy and sometimes fluent.  You understand some of the book and will probably need a bit of help.  You can take turns reading this book with your parents or get your parents to help you with the hard parts of the text.

Think about Goldilocks.  She wanted everything to be just right.  Check out the book Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians by Jackie Mims Hopkins and find out if Goldie Socks was able to find "just right" books.

Here are some bookmarks you can print to help you remember how to choose "just right" books.