About Me



My Name is Mr. Higginbotham.  I'm the 6th grade math teacher at DCSM.  I want all my students to be successfull in the 2017-2018 school year!  I'm going to have a great time getting to know you guys this year, but here are some things about me that may help you in my class.

General info:

I have taught for over 10 years in the states of Georgia and Florida.  I worked for Verizon in Alabama.  I played Collegiate Baseball at Chipola Junior College and Collegiate Soccer at North Greenville University while studying to become a teacher.  I have a coach's mentality mixed in with my teaching style.  I am married going on 7 years and I have 3 children (All Girls)...   I am also a SEMINOLES and a CUBS fan!  I love math and after you have been in my class I hope that you would love math too.

I Believe Statements:

1) I believe anyone who wants to succeed in math can find success if he or she will:

*Do everything you can to learn the processes of math

*Practice what you learned in class at home

*Keep a Math Interactive Notebook

*Develop the GRIT within them to preserve to reach their goals.  

2) I Believe no one:

* Is a failure without his or her own choice...  We all make mistakes, its what we do after a mistakes that helps us grow as a person!

3) I believe everyone:

* Learns in different ways

* Benefits from small groups

* Needs authentic positive relationships because we were not meant to do life alone,..


Favorite qoutes:

"One bad choice in life can cost you, everyday you have to make good choices"  - Jimbo Fisher

"Talent is what your capable of, attitude determines how well you do it" - Jimbo Fisher

"Trust the process, the results will come" - Jimbo Fisher