Mr Higginbotham's Class


Welcome to my classroom's website!  I am glad you will be on this journey through 6th grade math with me.  I want to make this year go as smoothly as I can you everyone, so in order to help you I designed this site to keep you informed so you can have a great year!


Great News I have been able to access the textbook online and I wanted to pass the information along to you

Step 1....  Go to

Step 2....  Create a new users account

Step 3....  Use Redemption Code SDT3-9HR2-KC3Q

Step 4....  Finsh and login



Rules and Consequences!

  1. Do not do your work in pen of any color. Please pencils only
  2. Follow the CHAMPS display on the wall to determine your noise level and movement for each class activity
  3. Bring ALL MATERIALS to class each day (Workbook, Pencils, Math Interactive Notebook and Homework) Wear proper uniform with the CSUSA logo on it at all times
  4. Wear proper uniform with the CSUSA logo on it at all times
  5. No gum, food, or phone out in class…
  6. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING (including trash)
  7. Do not damage ANY classroom equipment (This includes but are not limited to desks, computers, etc...)
  9. Be polite and respectful to Teachers / Faculty / Substitutes / Parents / Visitors / Other students…
  10. Keep your hands to yourself


  1. Anytime you do not bring your materials (including your homework) an Academic Referral will be issued and it has to be brought back and signed in 2 business days or a parent contact will be made.
  2. Any assignment done in pen will have to be redone before it will be graded.
  3. If you are not following Champs:
    -The first infraction is a warning / student conference
    -The second infraction parents will be contacted
    After the parents have been contacted:
    -The next infraction of CHAMPS will result in a behavioral referral
    1. Parent Conference
    2. After School Detention
    3. Suspension
  4. Please see handbook for uniform infractions
  5. Students caught with gum will be asked to throw away their gum. The second infraction will be a parent contact. The 3rd infraction will result in a behavioral referral.
  6. Rules 6-10 all will immediately apply
  1. Parent Contact
  2. Behavioral Referral
  3. Student may be removed from class “Tab Out” to another teacher’s classroom or student maybe escorted to the dean’s office.



Here is a PowerPoint to explain my classroom procedures.  Please check it out!