Mr. Hildreth's Social Studies Classes!

Hello all and welcome to the homepage of Mr. Hildreth’s Social Studies class at SAMS.

Together we are going on an amazing journey together to discover people, places and how they help create the world in which we live. People from the past and places that we see each day we walk around this amazing country of Korea- all have a part in this fantastic trip we are on called live. This is where you learn about all of that and more, in social studies.

Our school calendar has all the days and times you need to know so don’t forget to stay up with that. In addition the monthly newsletter that I send out will have our class schedule complete with days and times for activities and evaluations.

In addition to the school calendar dont forget about our Parents and Community page with lots of information for your family.

Here are some links to some online games and activities that will help you have fun, learn and excel in class!

Here is the fun pic of the week! If you can guess where Mr. Hildreth is and what is behind him as well as talk about the culture that built it you will win extra credit to be used on an assignment of your choice this month. Here is the pic:

Good Luck and see you in class!