The 5 Main Branches of Social Studies

The 5 Main Branches of Social Studies
History- The ideas, events and people of the past
  • What caused the American Revolution?
  • Who was Abraham Lincoln?
  • What is terrorism?
Economics- The way a society organizes itself to produce, distribute, and consume goods and services
  • What is manufacturing?
  • Where do we get our food and clothing from?
  • Why are some nations rich while others are poor?
Geography- The interactions of human beings with their physical environment.
  • How does the weather impact where you live?
  • Why are some places tropical and others artic?
  • What is global warming?
Culture-A people's way of life including their beliefs, customs, food, dwellings and clothing.
  • What music is popular now?  When your parents were teenagers?  100 years ago?
  • Why do people dress differently in other countries?
  • What are the differences between religions?
Politics- Ways of governing, choosing leaders and making laws.
  • Why do we have a president and not a king?
  • Who makes the laws and why?
  • How many different types of governments are there?