Task 1

Database Drama:  Task 1 

Performance Objective: When asked, using notes from class and an assigned computer students will be able to walk through (verbally and physically) the steps to find and log on to the three different databases available to them.

Resources or Materials Needed: 

Time: 2 60 Minute Lessons (Split will Vary on Class and Instructor)

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities:

  • Write the following list on the board for students to read as they enter the class 

    • Your chromebook

    • Your student login and password

    • A copy of the printed infographic off of the table

Step 2: Content Presentation: 

  • Present using PearDeck how students would find the different databases available to them. 

Step 3: Learner Participation: 

  • During the presentation the slideshow will prompt you to ask students questions reviewing what they just learned. For each database students will use the PearDeck draggable feature to decide what type of resource they are looking at. 

  • Encourage students after each question to share with their neighbor how they got their answer, then have the pairs share with the class.

Step 4: Assessment: 

  •  Prompt students to answer the final peardeck question and then to close out of their browsers.  One by one each go around and analyze the students process of pulling up the different databases.

    • Tip: Some students may arrive at the same solution in different ways. This task is just about students being able to accomplish the goal, no matter how they have adjusted to do so.

    • While students are waiting for you to assess them have them practice pulling up the database multiple times, as well as watching their classmates pull up the database and grading each other.

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: 

The next day, ask students to pull up a database at the beginning of the next class using their memory, the infographic, or (worst case) the screencastify walk-through that the teacher recorded.