Task 4


Put It All Together:  Task 4

Performance Objective:  Discover and analyze sources to support a chosen research topic 

Resources or Materials Needed:  

Time: 2 60 Minute Lessons (Split will Vary on Class and Instructor)

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities: 

  •  Review the types of sources, where to find them, and how to use them to back up a topic as a class and by reminding students how to find the screencastify walkthrough. As well as having them pull out their canva infographic with everything they need. 

Step 2: Content Presentation:

  •  Introduce the purpose of the student’s papers for this assessment. Student’s will be choosing a public figure (dead or alive) to use as a model for a new holiday to replace Columbus Day. (You will use the Assessment Rubric and Introduction for this)

  • Share resources to help student’s support the type of their paper that helps prove why Columbus Day needs to be replaced. 

Step 3: Learner Participation: 

  •  Give students the rest of the class period as well as the next to do independent research using their new knowledge of sources and search engines. 

Step 4: Assessment: 

  •  Students will turn in 3 sources following a format that proves that these sources support their chosen claim of who should replace Columbus Day. The sources will need to be at least two different types and come from the search engines at their disposal. 

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: 

  •  Later the students will use these sources to outline a full essay to help reinforce the usefulness of valid, well thought out, sources. You will introduce this after all of their sources have been approved

Lesson Plan Summary: 

This lesson is the beginning of a summative assessment for the unit. It uses Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction when compiled with two other lessons in the Unit Plan. This lesson particularly focuses on stimulating the recall of previous learning, presenting the content, providing guidance, and encouraging learner performance. It puts their previous knowledge of the skills to work. 

The learning theory that helps support this lesson is cognitivism. For this task students will be connecting all of their previous lessons from the unit to create a well developed ability to find, sort, and understand the different types of sources as they relate to a chosen topic. This requires an internal thought process of focus and relationship skills. Behaviorism is also visited, but without the use of cognitivism students would not be seeing the full picture or understanding the purpose of the lesson for their future endeavours.