Students will be responsible for compiling a student portfolio throughout each quarter. The list for basic tools and supplies needed will be made available to them the first week of school. This portfolio will begin with a Title page as well as a sheet which lists all assignments that will be given for the quarter that will be counted in their portfolio. Please note that the portfolio checklist will be different every quarter and it is their responsibility to make sure they have the update checklist and the items needed for credit in their portfolio. Each assignment is checked off by me for credit once I locate it within their portfolio. Those assignments that are placed in the portfolio will receive the points as noted on the checklist for a total of 5 at the end of each quarter. 

These portfolio’s are useful in the following ways:

To encourage responsibility.

5 points will be added to the students final quarter grade if the portfolio is complete. This motivates students to complete assignments and place them neatly in the portfolio throughout the year.

To enable students to utilize technology. Most of the work will be typed using a word processor such as Microsoft Word as well as printing.

To provide assessment of learning and educational progression to the student, parent(s), teacher, and other school personnel. The portfolio provides student’s work from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Assessment can be noted as the students work demonstrates their progress.

To stimulate creativity as students will be permitted to decorate/design their own pages to showcase their work in the portfolio.

     Quizzes                                        In portfolio                   Portfolio Points
1.Word booster                                                                                            .25
2.Free Writing                                                                                             .25
3.Literary Elements Quiz                                                                            .25
4.Word booster                                                                                            .25
5.Free Writing                                                                                              .25
6.Free Writing                                                                                              .25
7.Word booster                                                                                             .25
8.Free Writing                                                                                              .25
9.Free Writing                                                                                              .25
10.Word booster                                                                                         .25

        Tests                                         In portfolio                     Portfolio Points

1.Grammar Test                                                                                            .25
2.Literary Elements Test                                                                              .25
3.Movements in Lit Test                                                                              .25
4.Types of Lit Test                                                                                       .25

          Various                                  In portfolio                      Portfolio Points

1.Get to know essay                                                                                      .25
2.Research Project                                                                                        .25
3.Essay                                                                                                           .25
4.Short Story                                                                                                  .25
5.Essay                                                                                                            .25

Total Portfolio Points if all assignments are accounted for:                          5

These points are added to your final grade for the quarter. 

So if you have an 85 it will boost your grade to a 90.