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How Limousine Service is Different From A Black Car Service



If you are confused between a limousine and a black car service and think them to be almost the same, it's the time when you should know the difference between the two. Though both cars are black in color, there is a tremendous difference between the two and these two terms should not be used interchangeably. The following information would help you distinguish better.



The most important factor that takes these two services apart is the way these companies work. If we talk about a black car, it is almost similar to a fine quality taxi service. The Black car companies’ all work is subcontracted to independent drivers who own and operate their own vehicles. The vehicles are not surely regulated for compliance or proper insurance. The call center for the black car company will send drivers dispatching on basis of whichever car is available and whoever is willing to perform whichever trip they desire.

On the flip side, in case of a limousine service, all the vehicles are owned and insured by the company and even all the chauffeurs are hired by the company itself and they work for them. There is a fleet of high-end vehicles that are properly maintained and insured. The clients get the vehicle as per their choice and requirement. Dispatch and reservations are consistent, organized and professional.



A black car service usually consists of ordinary black cars. Most of the times the vehicles are not regularly maintained and insured as there is a presence of no authority to check their condition. The driver is the ultimate owner of the car. Even the cleanliness and appearance of the vehicle are not standardized.

Limousine service, on the other hand, has a wide range of cars to offer. The clients get whatever they require. The fleet consists of traditional limousines, stretch limousines, even extravagant Hummer limousines or party buses.  All the vehicles are all thoroughly cleaned, maintained and are equipped with newfangled amenities like fine leather seating, fiber optic neon lights in several colors, stereo with surround sound and much more.



The black car drivers have their own cars and are not professionally trained and certified. In addition to this, you can’t be assured of generous and polite behavior from them.

But the Limousine service drivers, however, are well trained and disciplined. You will be amazed by their manners. During the selection process, they undergo a complete background check. They are even regularly trained to get an extra level of driving and customer service.


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