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Shoba Kaathkuni Royale - cottage in Kullu, is a wooden masterpiece that seamlessly blends local architecture with modern amenities and furnishings. ‘Kaathkuni’ is a term given to the local architectural design which involves the interlocking of wood and stones this makes this cottage, the best cottage in Kullu. Shobla Kaathkuni Royale cottage has Mud Plastered walls that keep the room naturally insulated. The detailed and intricate carving on wood is a delight to watch in this modern era and shall only remind you of the good old days which gives feeling better than 5-star hotels in Kullu Manali. The cottage houses 4 fully furnished valley facing rooms with a private balcony on the 1st floor and the garden area attached to the ground floor.You can book this beautiful cottage at our online hotel booking site at a very affordable rate.  

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