Reading Assignments 3rd grade

Attached is the 3rd grade reading assignments that were used and created for small groupds during the 2018/2019 School year.


  1. Tetris | Nonfiction Reading Test - Tetris is the best-selling video game of all time. Learn more about this classic puzzler and answer Common Core aligned multiple-choice and extended-response questions. (document labled Tetris)
  2. The Coliseum | Nonfiction Reading Test - The Coliseum is a well-recognized site and a popular destination. Learn more about its history in this reading passage. Then answer multiple-choice and long-response questions covering a variety of reading skills.  (doucment labled Coliseum)
  3. The Pony Express | Nonfiction Reading Test - Despite its short time in operation, the Pony Express managed to make a significant impact on American culture. Learn more about the Pony Express and bulk up your reading skills with multiple-choice and long-response questions. These Common Core aligned questions cover a variety of reading skills. (document labled pony)
  4. Wintertime | Nonfiction Reading Test - It can get awfully cold during the winter in some places. Learn more about how creatures have adapted to survive in the harsh climates. There are ten multiple-choice and three long-response questions following the passage. (document labled wintertime)