As one of the leading computer and networking equipment companies in the world, the Wireless setup in HP Envy is one of the most popular products in its category. It comes with a robust option of connecting your PC to your networking devices, or vice versa, via the internet.

The Wireless setup in 123.hp.com/Envy5055 is an ingenious  solution for users who require immediate connectivity to various network peripherals, for either emergency or business applications. In addition, the PC runs at maximum speed when connected to the internet, so there is no need to install different software or drivers as many of them tend to do on their own. Because of this feature, the Wireless setup in HP Envy has become the go-to for IT professionals and software developers who need fast access to their data and programs. They are also quick to adopt the latest versions of networking components that work well with the device.

The internet connection of the Wireless setup in HP Envy allows the user to use its utility with the PC without any delay. The wireless signal, the internal LAN card and the built-in Wireless card are the three main features that set the unit apart from the crowd of similar products. 

To cut a long story short, the product itself can be used to connect PCs to any of the network peripherals that are installed with it. With one click of the mouse, the users can find the way to connect to the internet and make their network data accessible from their PC as well.

The Wireless setup in HP Envy is very much affordable and very much worth the money. In fact, the pricing structure of the product is very attractive, with the user getting a lot of value for money.

The only drawback that the Wireless setup in HP Envy has isthe lack of expandability. While it is a universal product, the wireless setup in HP Envy does not include the capability to add new cards or to add more network devices.

You may, however, opt to purchase other accessories that you can easily plug into the PC. This will allow you to upgrade the device with the latest wireless cards that are compatible with the latest operating systems.