Diversty before and after class: The role of diveristy before this class was not something I knew a lot about. Since I have had this class I think the role of diveristy plays a big part in education because there are so many different types of race, religions, and personalities.

Balance of individual learners: Teachers can balance the needs of a individual learner by taking time before or after school and helping them on whatever they do not understand. Also, if many students are confused during class, the teacher can pull them aside in a group and give a better explanation.

I think it's important for teachers to expand their social consciouness to embrace an intercultural approach because teachers need to know the knowledge of different types of intercultures. For example, I think if a teacher has a muslim in their classroom, the teacher should know about their religion to include them with an activity they do on religon.

Global awareness: Global awareness should be brought in the classroom by having maps of all around the world for the class to see. Also, don't let the maps just be there let the maps be apart of the lesson, so the students can learn about different types of global issues around the world.