Philosophy of Education

What is philosphy of education? Philosophy of education is "represents answers to questions about the purpose of schooling, a teacher's role, and what should be taught and by what methods" (Teachers, Schools, and Society).

Philosophy I align with: Essentialism

Why?: I believe the reason I align with essentialism is because I believe it's important to prepare learners for life. "Essentialist believe we must know the essentials of life, survivial, how to be productive, and how to live as proper civilians" (Theories of Education).

Teaching style: I can teach life skills to my students through academics. "It should focus on facts-the objective realitiy out there and the basics, training students to read, write, speak, and compute clearly and logically" (Educational Philosophies).

Instructional Strategies: I could find interesting topics that ties in with the lessons.

Assesment: I can give them quizzes and test about life involvement, such as essay questions on a writing topic or an oral exam about survival. "Essentialist teachers rely on achievement test scores to evaluate progress and teachers expect that students will leave school with not only basic skills, but also discipline, practical minds that are capable of applying lessons taught in school in the real world" (Foundations of Education).