Middle School Math and Merriment and MCLC-W

Welcome back to those who had me last year,  and a very special greeting to the Newbies!  

I am glad to have you in my class this year.  For those of you new to MCLC-W, my name is Mrs. Huber and I absolutely LOVE what I do.  My goal this year is to make sure we all make social, emotional, and academic growth.  My teaching style is LOUD!  I like to teach with the door open, I like to use hands-on materials whenever I can, and I LOVE to heckle those who dare to walk by and stick their noses in my room.  Beware....I also like 

to laugh...a lot.  I am thrilled to be teaching math this year as when I was your age I hated it with a passion.  Now that I am old, I have learned tricks and tools to make it easier.  I can't wait to pass those on to you.

So......buckle up and get ready for a wonderful year!