Sr. Huda Ismail 2nd Grade

 Second Grade Newsletter 
Sr. Huda Ismail September 1st,2019
Reading/Language Arts:
Reading Wonders - Smart Start
We will focus on practicing Collaborative Conversations and learn about what that means. We will also be focusing on many spelling patterns which include long vowels, short vowels, and blends.

A spelling pretest will be given on Mondays. We will start the spelling program on August 26th. Please review the spelling words with your child during the week. We will take spelling test on Friday. We are focusing on learning the spelling patterns with shorter words so that the students will develop the skills to spell longer words.

Go Math: Chapter 1 – Number Sense and Place Value Please save and refer to the family letters that go home each chapter. Any unfinished Math class work will be sent home and should be returned the next day along with the nightly homework. Math facts flash cards will be practiced periodically in class and should also be practiced at home to help build automaticity (speed.) There are also many
online math facts games that focus on solving the math fact with speed.

Lessons this week include:
1.1 Classifying numbers up to 20 by odd or even
1.2 Writing equations with equal addends torepresent even numbers
1.3 Using place value to describe the value of digits in 2-digit numbers

Reminder: Math homework will come home nightly and needs to be returned the next day so we can review the homework!

Don’t forget to read for at least 20 minutes every night!

Upcoming Dates:

Important classroom info:
*Home/school (homework folders) The (orange) homework folders will need to be brought to and from school every day.
*A purple “Friday Folder” will be sent home weekly. Please review the contents and send it back on Monday empty.
*Computer Lab and Library schedules will be available soon. I will post the information in this section as it becomes available.

*Set PE days will be Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure your child wears appropriate PE shoes every day this week.
   What a super first two days of school! off to a great start.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with your children.

Thank you so much for the classroom donations and getting your child’s supplies in a timely manner! We have already hit the ground running. I will be contacting parent volunteers over the next few weeks to get started with helping our classroom. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation!


Sr.Huda Ismail