2018 IBBR High School Internship Program


The University of Maryland Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research supports a limited number of  internships for high school students. The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for highly motivated students to work with mentors to explore career opportunities in the fields of:

• Biotechnology

• Computer Technology

• Administrative and Facilities Operations. 

Students will work with a mentor headed by one of the IBBR faculty and staff. Information about IBBR can be found on their web sites: 


There are two options to this program.
• Full year: Summer + Academic Year credit program: A one-year program of summer internship + academich year internship. Students may receive summer pay and MCPS Internship course credit for the academic semesters.

• Summer only: Paid internship. Course credit may be arranged.

Please go to the IBBR website for access to the application.   


PLEASE NOTE:  The application process will ask you for the signatures for tewo people who would be willing to write letters of recommendation for you.  Tell your teachers....  IBBR will NOT ask for every recommendation.  They will ask if and when as needed.  

There will be plenty of time for response.

IBBR Internship Application:    https://www.ibbr.umd.edu/internship-application


For additional questions, conact Lesli Adler:  Lesli_A_Adler@mcpsmd.org