Greek Mythology WebQuest

Greek Mythology WebQuest

In this WebQuest you will learn about Greek Mythology.  You will read about each of the major Olympian Gods.  You will work in pairs or groups to answer all of the questions in the WebQuest.  Each question will be a link to the website you need to visit to find the answer.

  Good luck and have fun!

The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus


1.) What was the name of the goat that fed Zeus while he grew up hidden from his father? (This is why we use a cornucopeia or "horn of plenty" at Thanksgiving.)

2.) Zeus was notorius for having several girlfriends while married to Hera.  What happened to the girl named Io after Hera found Zeus with her?



3.) What was the name of the merman that Poseidon fathered with his wife Amphitrite?    

4.) Why did a pegasus fly out of Medusa's severed neck after Perseus cut off her head?


5.) What helped Hades become invisible?

6.) What did Hades's wife do to one of his girlfriends? (This is suppossedly how mint was created.)


7.) What is the sacred animal associated with Hera?


8.) How was Athena born?



9.) Hephaestus created the first woman.  What was her name?



10.) Ares was the god of war.  As such he was always present on the battlefield.  He often took with him his twins sons.  What were their names and what emotions did they stand for?


11.) Aphrodite was instrumental in starting the Trojan War.  How did this occur?


12.) Was Dionysus's mother a goodess or a mortal?  What was her name?


     13.) What is the name of the staff that Hermes carries? 

14.) Hermes was the patron god for _____, _____, and _____.


15.) What promise did Hestia make to Zeus?


16.) What is the name Demeter's daughter?  Who is the daughter married to?

17.) According to the myth, what is happening that causes spring and summer and what is happening that causes fall and winter?


18.) What animal did Apollo turn into while he was fleeing the island where he was born?


19.) What favor did Artemis ask of her father Zeus? 

 20.) What happened to Actaeon when he stared at Artemis as she was bathing?