Absence and Make Up Work Policies

Make-Up Work


1. Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed for all excused absences.

2. Students have two (2) class days to make-up the work for each class day of an excused absence, not including the day of return. However, previously assigned work is due the day of return. These deadlines may be extended by the principal for extenuating circumstances.

3. Middle School Students: Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed for all absences due to the statutory promotion requirements to high school and the impact on course recovery.

4. For Secondary Only, when class work is not completed for a marking period due to excused absences, a grade of “I” may be given. Students must complete the work prior to the end of the next marking period and may earn a grade to replace the “I”. In extenuating circumstances, the principal has the authority to extend the deadline. But in most cases, when these deadlines are not met, the “I” changes to an “F” and may cause a semester course failure. If and when the class is repeated and students earn a grade, the “I” or the “F” will not be counted in computing grade point averages.

5. For Secondary Only, when a semester exam is not completed, a grade of “I” is given. If students are absent on an exam day, the exam must be made up in order for credit to be given. For each semester exam day students are absent, they will have two (2) days to make-up the exam, not including the day of return. These deadlines may be extended by the principal for extenuating circumstances.

Absence Reporting / Policy

  • Not Coming to School Today?

    Please contact the school at 954-659-3600 or written note. The report must come from a parent and give the date(s) of the absence and the reason for it. Parents MUST report these absences within two days following the absences. A note can be sent either the day before or not later than the second day after the absence. Please feel free to email the front office  your child's absence.

    Attendance Policy 5.5

    1. All students' absences must align with the eight (8) reasons allowed for absences, as outlined in the Attendance Policy and in the Code of Student Conduct.
    2. Parents must state reason (from approved list) for absence when they call in or write a note to report a student's absence.
    3. Absences can only be excused if they correspond with one of the eight (8) allowed reasons.

    Attendance Policy in English (pdf)
    Política de la atención en Español (pdf)
    Comparecimento política Portugues (pdf)
    Politique de assistance dans le Kréyol (pdf)

    In order to be successful, students must be in school everyday and on time. Once in school, students are expected to attend all classes and be punctual. For students who demonstrate patterns of non-attendance, interventions or disciplinary consequences may occur. In addition, possible referral to the state designated agency for possible court action for extended absence or truancy may occur. Patterns of nonattendance are established when 1) he or she has an accumulation of tardiness, early sign outs, and/or absences (excused and unexcused) that exceed 5 days in one marking period or 10 days in 2 marking periods or when 2) he or she is absent an unexcused 5 days in 30 calendar days or 10 days in 90 calendar days. Students may also establish a pattern of non-attendance when he or she has an accumulation of 15 unexcused absences within 90 calendar days, with or without a parent’s knowledge (habitual truant).

    Absences may be excused for the following reasons: a) student illness, b) illness of an immediate family member, c) death in the family, d) religious holidays, e) required court appearance or subpoenas, or f) scheduled doctor/dentist appointments. Any absence is unexcused until the school receives a telephone call or a note to excuse the absence. To have an absence excused, we request that the parent/guardian call the attendance office. The 24-hour attendance telephone number is (754) 322-3403When you call, please provide the following information: date of absence, last and first name of child and 10-digit student ID number (found on student’s report card or schedule). Please spell name carefully. If the parent/guardian is unable to call, a note must be sent to the attendance office which states the date(s) of the absence and the reason. Excessive absences will be handled on a case by case basis.

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