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7th Grade ELA

Welcome Back! I hope everyone's summer was fun and rejuvenating! It is now time to get back to work. The first 3 days will be about getting organized, and dusting out the cobwebs of summer. Please make sure to bring in your binders, dividers, and paper by August 16th. We will be setting up our binders on that 2nd day. Also, please remember to bring your agendas to copy important class codes, logins, and other important information. Please be prepared to dig in the following FULL week of school. :) 


7th & 8th Grade Reading 

For my readers, please come ready to work. We will most likely jump right in the 2nd day of school. Be prepared to get a lot of practice, and work hard! Please come to class with paper and a pencil. Readers, logins, and class codes will be given to you within the first week of school. 




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Grade 8 ELA Standards -