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The 2018-2019 YEARBOOK will be distributed in the classrooms by the end of next week!


If you have not paid for your book yet this is your LAST CHANCE to get it!, books are selling fast, only 100 copies left!!!


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Questions or concerns?

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The yearbook team


Attention 6th and 7th grade students!

You have received your course selection forms today.  Please choose 3 electives, marking them as your 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice. Every effort will be made to schedule your choices, however, student's request for a specific elective is not guaranteed.  Scheduling conflicts and or/test scores may preclude your selection.  A class may be cancelled due to insufficient course requests.  Students/parents should select carefully, since we will not be making any changes the first 2 weeks of school.

The course selection forms are due by this Friday, May 17, 2019


Thank you!

The Middle School Team








* 5:00 am - Arrive at Imagine Charter School at Weston 

* Two 56 and One 57 Passenger motor coaches arrive at Imagine Charter School at Weston

* 5:30 am – Depart for Islands of Adventure – Orlando, Florida

* 7:45 am – Brief bathroom break – Fort Drum Service Plaza

* 9:30 am – Arrive at Islands of Adventure

* 4:00 – 5:15 pm – Plan on eating dinner.  Vouchers should indicate where you can eat.  We are not stopping for food on the way back.  Only bathrooms.

* 5:15 pm – Exit park and meet motor coaches in bus parking lot.

* 6:00 pm – depart for home

* 7:30 pm – Brief bathroom break - Fort Drum Service Plaza

* 10:00-10:45 pm – Approximate return time:  Imagine Charter School at Weston 2500 Glades Circle, Weston, FL 33327 (students to call home 30 minutes prior to arrival.  Parents should arrive on time and be waiting for the buses)


ELA for 8th grade:  (make up throughout the testing window)

May 13th session 1

May 14th session 2

Math for 7th grade:  (make up throughout the testing window)

May 13th session 1

May 14th session 2 and 3

Math for 8th grade:  (make up throughout the testing window)

May 16th session 1

May 17th session 2 and 3

Algebra and Geometry:  (make up throughout the testing window)

May 16th session 1

May 17th session 2

Civics and Biology:  (make up throughout the testing window)

May 21st








Please OPEN ME! Arrival and Dismissal Letter from Dr. Krubitch

Click here  to download>>>>>>>>Memorial Day Commemoration Concert


­­­­Imagine School at Weston

2500 Glades Circle| Weston, FL 33327

Phone (954) 659-3600

Sherry Krubitch, Ed. D., Principal

Claude Graham, Music Director

Memorial Day Commemoration Concert


March 14, 2019

Attention Parents,


It’s with great enthusiasm and humility which I serve as the Music teacher at Imagine School at Weston. I look forward to working with you, your child, and the community. To close out this school year we will have rehearsals during the student’s Music Specials as indicated below. We are encouraging all students to participate in both the rehearsals and performance. We are also seeking parent volunteers to assist in making this program a huge success. More information will follow on how parents can assist.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


WHAT:                 Memorial Day Commemoration Concert

WHERE:               Imagine School at Weston Cafeteria

WHEN:                 Thursday, May 30, 2019

TIME:                    6:00 PM

SPECIAL NOTE:  After School Rehearsal times will be forthcoming the closer we get to the performance date.




Claude Graham

Claude Graham


______I give my child permission to participate in the rehearsals and performance of the Memorial Day Commemoration Concert


______ I do not give my child permission to participate in the rehearsals and performance of the Memorial Day Commemoration Concert


______________________________                                                                ______________________________

Student’s Name                                                                                                               Parent’s Signature




Islands of Adventure field trip first deposit of $120.00 has been extended until tomorrow, March 15, 2019 ONLY!  Please complete your child's field trip and waiver forms and make checks payable to Imagine Charter School at Weston.   The second deposit of $95.00 is due on or before April 17, 2019.  The total amount for the field trip is $215.00.



BPA Flyer



17 of our BPA students have qualified to participate at the National BPA competition in Anaheim, Ca.  


Imagine Weston will be having a Dress Down Day fundraiser next Tuesday, March 19 to help offset some of the costs involved in participating.  All students may participate in a full dress down day for $1. Please remember to follow Broward County Schools dress code guidelines.  


If you have any questions, please contact  


Thank you for your support.






                                                                                                                                                  To 8th Grade Parents,

The $100 student contribution to the 8th Grade Moving Up has been extended untilThursday, February 28th

Please, use the following link to submit your payment online.

If a payment plan is needed please send an email to :

If you prefer, you could also send a check or cash and give it to Ms. Lucy in the front office.









A Message from Dr. Walker

Hello students,

This year SGA and NJHS will be hosting the first dance of the year! Come dance, eat, and have fun with a Chinese-New-Year theme. The food will be provided by Panda Express and we will be also selling sweet baked goods from Publix. We’ll also have a DJ with good music and a photo booth for you to capture fun moments and share them! Come to the social with your friends and have fun! Important Information: ● The dance will be held February 15th ● $15 if you pay before February 15th ● $20 at the door

Click Here for the SGA Dance Flyer
















Communication is key! 

If you have questions, comments, concerns, please email your child's teachers.  We are here to help!

Have a wonderful day!  


Good Evening Middle School Families,


The PTP is holding a special Middle School Fun in the Sun promotion.  Students were given a sneak peak during lunch this week, but you can see the attached flyer and registration form for details of the promotion.  This is a limited time offer, and expires on December 13.  Any students that register and pay prior to 2:00 p.m. on Thursday will be eligible for these additional incentives.  


As a reminder, ALL funds raised by the PTP come back to our school and the students, including the Middle School.


If you have any questions, or need any additional informations please contact or .



We thank you for your support.



If you have any pictures that we can use for the yearbook please send it to us via using the best resolution that the phone will allow you to use (usually is actual size)









1. Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed for all excused absences.

2. Students have two (2) class days to make-up the work for each class day of an excused absence, not including the day of return. However, previously assigned work is due the day of return. These deadlines may be extended by the principal for extenuating circumstances.

3. Middle School Students: Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed for all absences due to the statutory promotion requirements to high school and the impact on course recovery.

4. For Secondary Only, when class work is not completed for a marking period due to excused absences, a grade of “I” may be given. Students must complete the work prior to the end of the next marking period and may earn a grade to replace the “I”. In extenuating circumstances, the principal has the authority to extend the deadline. But in most cases, when these deadlines are not met, the “I” changes to an “F” and may cause a semester course failure. If and when the class is repeated and students earn a grade, the “I” or the “F” will not be counted in computing grade point averages.

5. For Secondary Only, when a semester exam is not completed, a grade of “I” is given. If students are absent on an exam day, the exam must be made up in order for credit to be given. For each semester exam day students are absent, they will have two (2) days to make-up the exam, not including the day of return. These deadlines may be extended by the principal for extenuating circumstances.

Absence Reporting / Policy

  • Not Coming to School Today?

    Please contact the school at 954-659-3600 or send a written note.  The report must come from a parent and give the date(s) of the absence and the reason for it. Parents MUST report these absences within two days following the absences. A note can be sent either the day before or not later than the second day after the absence. Please feel free to email the front office your child's absence.

    Attendance Policy 5.5

    1. All students' absences must align with the eight (8) reasons allowed for absences, as outlined in the Attendance Policy and in the Code of Student Conduct.
    2. Parents must state reason (from approved list) for absence when they call in or write a note to report a student's absence.
    3. Absences can only be excused if they correspond with one of the eight (8) allowed reasons.

    Attendance Policy in English (pdf)
    Política de la atención en Español (pdf)
    Comparecimento política Portugues (pdf)
    Politique de assistance dans le Kréyol (pdf)

    In order to be successful, students must be in school everyday and on time. Once in school, students are expected to attend all classes and be punctual. For students who demonstrate patterns of non-attendance, interventions or disciplinary consequences may occur. In addition, possible referral to the state designated agency for possible court action for extended absence or truancy may occur. Patterns of nonattendance are established when 1) he or she has an accumulation of tardiness, early sign outs, and/or absences (excused and unexcused) that exceed 5 days in one marking period or 10 days in 2 marking periods or when 2) he or she is absent an unexcused 5 days in 30 calendar days or 10 days in 90 calendar days. Students may also establish a pattern of non-attendance when he or she has an accumulation of 15 unexcused absences within 90 calendar days, with or without a parent’s knowledge (habitual truant).

    Absences may be excused for the following reasons: a) student illness, b) illness of an immediate family member, c) death in the family, d) religious holidays, e) required court appearance or subpoenas, or f) scheduled doctor/dentist appointments. Any absence is unexcused until the school receives a telephone call or a note to excuse the absence. To have an absence excused, we request that the parent/guardian call the attendance office. The 24-hour attendance telephone number is (754) 322-3403When you call, please provide the following information: date of absence, last and first name of child and 10-digit student ID number (found on student’s report card or schedule). Please spell name carefully. If the parent/guardian is unable to call, a note must be sent to the attendance office which states the date(s) of the absence and the reason. Excessive absences will be handled on a case by case basis.







Middle School Parent Committee 

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NEWSFLASH - “The PTP's Pasta Bingo, is returning by popular acclaim. Join us for an evening of family, friendship, food and fun.


Middle School Athletics is looking for 1 parent volunteer to help with sales at the September 25 home soccer game.  If you are interested, please email Michelle at



Welcome to the Imagine Charter School at Weston Website.  Stay tuned for updates.  If you have any questions, please email your child's teachers.

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More About Us


As you may know, this year at Imagine Weston we are focusing on kindness – among our other endeavors. To this end, we have participated in Rachel’s Challenge and other initiatives…but we wanted to do more!

What is Kindness?

·The difference between caring and kindness can be summed up as this:  caring is reactive and kindness is proactive.  Think about that for a second – when we care for people, we are reacting to a situation or need.  Kindness is different because it is finding a need, even if it’s just making someone’s day a little brighter!  And here’s the big thing…kindness is FREE!  Even a very small act of kindness has the power to change a person’s day…or even their life!  Spreading kindness is one of the biggest “little things” we can do…especially in the world we live in today!