My Philosophy in Teaching

My philosophy
  • Learning is, of course, the main purpose of education. It is the goal ofevy student and the task of every teacher to increase knowledge and understandingin the classroom. I feel that the concept of learning should be focused around four main areas .
  • Independent thought is essential to the development of each student. Being able to form unique independent ideas to solve problems will serve them both in and outside of the classroom. Group interaction is also an important part of learning. Being able to share ideas, validate them with those of others, and teamwork are important processes in social and mental development. The teacher should also be prepared to lead students in the direction they should go to reach correct conclusions and answers, without always providing the answers themselves. Finally, stressing the use of learned ideas and processes in new situations is essential.

  • While my teaching objectives vary, depending upon the course level and  content,my philosophy serves to inform my practice. In designing course formatand evaluation requirements, I strive to optimize student engagement and success.  
    • I am passionate about finding the most effective ways of stimulating and sustaining intellectual growth

     among thosewho enter my classroom. Learning is a complex process that is individual, content and context specific. As a teacher,I am attentive to these factors and work to be flexible, adapting my approaches according to the needs of learners, subject matter and setting. I believe it is crucial for teachers to cultivatate learning partnerships with students. In my view, teaching is not about instructing or imparting informationto students as if their minds were waiting to be filled with my knowledge.  

    • In any teaching context, I work to promote student responsibility for learning by asking each individual
       what they will contribute to the class and how each person can participate in creating a classroom
      environment that is stimulating and respectful of diverse views and experiences.