My teaching philosophy


Imelda Sanchez

My teaching philosophy




            Without teachers there are no doctors, architects, astronauts, etc.  It is important to understand that being a teacher may not be the most rewarded career monetarily but it is a great profession when you hear the “call” because I believe that a person must have the vocation for it, to fulfill the job of teaching.

            My role as an educator is to give all the foundation possible to my students so they become strong structures of the future. This foundation is possible putting not only your knowledge but also the heart. 

            Children are a world with in a world and every child is different in every single characteristic.  The most important thing is to visualize each and everyone of the children by how they act and how they perform in the classroom and try to understand the personality and why he or she is like that.

            Creating a community of learners will consist on knowing the students and creating an environment of positive attitude.  The best way to teach is knowing how the students learn and if they are, for example, hands on, then look for different ways to teach them that way.

            I want my students to learn as much as they can and not to have limitations when it becomes on what to be in the future.  I want to be one of the many stairs they will scale up.