What to study on upcoming tests?

Friday April 15th Fractions Test

- You will need to be able to write a fraction to describe the shaded or unshaded parts of a region or set.

-You will need to be able to draw a model for a fraction. For example it may say "Draw a model of 3/4"

-You will need to estimate the fractional part that is shaded in a picture

-You will need to be able to write a fraction when the problem is explained in a sentence. For example: 6 dogs share 3 bones, what is the fraction?

-You will also need to be able to compare fractions using < > or = 

Upcoming ELA exam in May

- I've noticed that some students are NOT going back into the story to find the answer to the multiple choice questions. This strategy is very beneficial because the answers are in the story!

- I recommend that you have your child practice reading a passage and answering multiple choice questions about the passage. You can print out stories from edhelper.com. Also if you go on the New York State Education website you can get access to past year's tests. You can print them out and give to your child as practice!