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SDF Injection Molding Machine
(a) Uniform hot air distribution: high thermal efficiency, greatly reducing drying time
(b) Accurate temperature control: use high-precision quantity temperature regulator to eliminate temperature error
(c) Save time and save manpower: separate design of barrel and base, convenient feeding operation, simple and quick refueling
(d) Increasing the injection rate: direct heat blanking, shortening the material dissolution time and increasing the injection rate
(e) Scientific and beautiful appearance: beautiful and sturdy shape, easy to install, and a variety of safety devices to ensure safe production.

Zhenfei HS series rapid prototyping machine is widely used in various industries such as food packaging, beverage packaging and medical treatment. We tailor the machine according to the production needs of the customer to the layout of the plant, the installation of water and electricity, and the construction and commissioning on site. To provide customers with one-stop "turnkey project".

Hopper Plastic Dryer

1.High speed: achieve high rate of fire, meet the molding needs of special products such as thin wall and packaging.

2.Energy saving: energy conversion is efficient, further saving energy.

3.High efficiency: a variety of simultaneous actions to achieve the shortest molding cycle.

4.Precision: high positioning accuracy of up to 0.01mm level.