Ways To Survive In The Wild

 Survival In Into the Wild


In Chapter 16 of Into the Wild, Chris McCandless begins to experience the realities of solo life in the Alaskan bush.  In groups, you will work together to investigate on aspect of this reality.



--Locate your group's topic from among the pages above.  Click on the link to that page.

--Explore the links provided to gain more information about this particular aspect of survival in the wilderness.  Identify at least ten (10) facts about your topic.

--Enter these facts onto your group's topic page--and be sure to cite your sources accurately!  (Include URL for fact(s)).

--Once you have completed your fact list, work together as a group to infer how your aspect of survival might have failed for Chris McCandless in the wilderness.  Was a breakdown in your topic the reason that McCandless died?  What might have gone wrong?