¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

             Welcome to Spanish class!


 !Hola soy la Sra. Baker. Hello! I am Mrs. Baker and I will be your Spanish teacher this year.  I have been teaching Spanish for 7 years (K-12) and have enjoyed every bit of it… Teaching Spanish never gets old or boring for me, rather it gets better and better every year. It’s my goal to inspire every one of you to fall in love with the Latino language and culture…


Course Objective:

You will begin your journey with fundamentals of the Spanish language. You will be taught and expected to learn the morphology, syntax, and orthography of the Spanish language.  Also, to help you develop language acquisition auditory and enunciation skills will be practiced all year long.  (Spanish II students will follow a similar journey.  However, as experienced practioners of the language you will be expected to develop a higher degree of language acquisiion.)

It will be a busy year for all of us. Therefore, dedication, commitment, and hard work will be required from both parties (you and I).   Please read this “website” entirely (not just this webpage).  It will help you understand classroom expectations, procedures, and most importantly how to do well in class and pass J