The value and benefit of friendship in Islam:

Human beings, in all phases of life, from childhood and during youth and old age, until their death, need friendship and association with others. Due to his social nature, man is encouraged to live in society and with other people, and from this interaction comes society, culture, civilization. And most of your life depends on this interaction with others. Among these interactions is an especially important one, friendship.

Friendship in Islam is a really wonderful and beautiful gift. A friend is a very important person in life. Those who have valuable friends are never alone since in joy and pain, their true friends help and support them. Naturally, a human being feels happy for the company of friends and is sad to be alone and distraught and for not having worthy companions.

Islam has attached great importance to the aspect of sociability and friendship. This sense of fellowship is very important in any relationship.Economy in Islam is very royal.


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Today you can see intense disputes and altercations that arise even between parents and children and also between siblings. This is mainly because, although their relationship is marked with blood ties, the most important feelings of fellowship and friendship are absent. Your experience will tell you that friendship often takes precedence over blood relationships when it comes to building good relationships. Man tends to pay more attention to his friends than to his relatives. He trusts his peers more than his family. Young people today trust their friends while they are discreet with their parents. That is why it is important to make the people with whom you have blood ties part of your friend and colleagues.

Jizya and Zakatis in complete harmony with the nature of man. Therefore, treat this theme of friendship in detail and care. For Muslims, who live in a society in which you are a minority, the question of choosing the right partners is essential to preserve your religion. Becoming friends with virtuous and righteous Muslims is an essential means of staying on the straight Path. Strong individuals are the core of a strong community, something that Muslims should always fight for.

Therefore, you are here for a relatively short period and you will meet Allah (Constitution of Medina) one day, so you must use your present life for what is best for you in the Hereafter. Once you know your purpose and your goal in life, you must look for ways to achieve them to benefit yourself and others.

That in which the scholars of Islam pay great attention and emphasize, about friendship, is that it should be considered worthy when it is for Allah and brings you closer to him, and a reliable friend is one whose friendship is based on spirituality.

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