Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide A Trusted Name In Carbide Button Manufacturing

Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Co., LTD is known for high-quality tungsten carbide button manufacturing. Our company has a fantastic series of including:

Tungsten carbide rods

•Carbide strips
•Carbide buttons
•Carbide rolls
•Carbide disc cutters
•Carbide brazed tips
•Carbide end mills
•Carbide drawing dies
•Carbide heading dies

Our company is focusing on providing grade production services. We have a comprehensive supply service system. Our company depends on different quantity and customers' needs. Our company will advise customers select the best shipping way. We confirm you can get our products at the exact time and right place at a reasonable price. The range of products are used for:

•Oil drilling, coal mining
•Rocking drilling
•Geological prospecting

Looking for a premium range of Tungsten carbide button, then you can connect with us. We believe in offering end-less options to fulfill client needs. We have all your requirements; you can get trustable advice in material selection, design, and manufacture schedule.


The carbide button comes with excellent performance, including the domed/ round button, parabolic/semi-ballistic button, ballistic button, etc. The controls are an excellent metallic material much harder than steel or iron, additional only to diamond.


Our Carbide dies inserts can quicken your work speed and relieve workers' burden. We are also essential parts of coal cutter drilling tools, mining equipment, and road maintenance tools. A wide range of products are also used as excavation tools in mining, mining, tunnelling, and civil buildings.

The company has a high-precision grind machine, expert workers to control the very high accuracy of each carbide part, with strict QC management.We have many years of knowledge researching and engineering tungsten carbide products such as mining tips; Carbide melds & dies. Our professionals are always focused on providing you an advanced range of products. To know more about the tools and products, you can visit the company's official website.

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