ATT Email and its Server Settings – All You are About to Know



The ATT email server is a pretty commonly used email service and hence it is very important to get done with the settings of the ATT email service so that you would not face difficulties while accessing the ATT email service. So, in this article, we will get you the ATT email server settings we would advise you to stay with us till the very end of the article. 

The set up for the ATT Email settings – 

  1. To begin the procedure we have to launch Outlook and then go for the File option followed by the Add account option. 

  2. Later on, you will have to click on the Manual setup or additional server types to move ahead to the further steps. 

  3. Now in the next steps, you will have to go for the POP or IMAP tab and then further complete the settings of the IMAP or the POP server settings. 

  4. You will have to also enter the name like which you will want to display to the others further fill up the full email address of the ATT email after getting done with the ATT email servers settings and after this, you can access the ATT mail to use it further. 

  5.  Now once the settings have been done you have to hit the OK button finally followed by the Next option, and then later on the Outlook will test the account info that you have entered to access the ATT email account. If all the information you have entered has been passed and been approved then you can finally click on the finish option.