Facebook Account is Temporarily Locked, How to Unlock it?


Are you locked out of Facebook account? If yes, then read our guide carefully to know how you can unlock your Facebook account and use them back.

Unlock your Facebook account with simple solutions

It is not rocket science why your Facebook account has been locked. There can be various reasons why Facebook has taken this drastic step but it is very simple to perform Facebook locked account recovery

Method 1: Wait for 3-4 days and then clear cache data

It is usually recommended to wait for around 96 hours once your account has been locked. Usually, Facebook temporarily locks your account for 3-4 days and then unlocks it themselves so, wait for a few days and then try to open your browser and clear all the cookies and cache data. Once you have done this then try signing into your account.

Method 2: Verify your Identity


If the above method proves to be non-efficient then, use this method to know how to unlock Facebook account. This method will confirm your identity with Facebook and help to get your account back.

  1. Open the identification page of Facebook. 

  2. Then type your username, email address and phone number synced with your Facebook account.

  3. You will then receive a confirmation code on either your phone number or email address. 

  4. Enter this code and then, generate a new password for your account. This is the simplest way through which you can unlock your account.

Method 3: Submit an Appeal

Another method that you can try if you are wondering how do I unlock my Facebook account is to submit an appeal to the Facebook community.

Use the appeal form available on the Facebook help page and then enter the necessary information asked from you. Facebook will respond to you.

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